Post page & My Profile page of Explog

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Our team made a great job in making Main page of the project Explog. The next thing to do was making other pages for the app. The important pages we thought was ‘Post page’ and ‘My Profile page’. So we started to develop this part.

Post page

Post page is one of the most important but hardest part of our project. But as our server-side developers were not ready for the datas to go through, we just pretended to have datas and made it.

It looks like this.

When the users touch post element of tab-bar the view-controller presents modally. Then users can make their story name and story cover. After that, they can add words or photos. As our project is in the first step of the development, it may look a little bit weird, but it works well.

You can have a close look at the code in our Github repository.

My Profile & Setting

Then our profile page looks just as other SNS profile pages. We have username label, email label, profile image, follower following numbers, and settings.

Setting also just looks like any other setting pages. Users can change username, email, profile image, and get support from the app customer center. But we are not sure that we’ll be able to support changing email address for users.

For the next step, we’ll maybe develop for the auto-login and sending datas for post through networks.


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