Starting with the iOS project Explog

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The finalized name of our project is Explog. Which is a compound word of Explore and Log. It means the way it looks. ‘To log while exploring.’

Finally starting with the iOS project Explog, I met my team members. We started to plan and materailize our thoughts.

Our team is made of 3 kind of developers. iOS developers, android developers, and backend server developers. After having a talk about what functions to make, we decided some basic functions for our project.

It was little disappointing that we didn’t make specific mock-ups or draft. But, we just drew our thoughts at paper.

Data Modeling

After that, we made a data model to communicate between frontend developers(iOS, android) and backend developers.

It was a long day to just talk without coding. But it was also a important day for our whole project. After having a meeting with team member for whole day, I came back home and thought about the logo of our project.


Project logo

Logo is a important part of the project because it can attract users attention. So I tried hard to make the logo. And the result was like this.

As our project’s name is explog(exp + log). The logo represents exponential function and log function with map feeling.


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